Lord of Thessaly

Lords of Thessaly Series #4

Halcyon Romance Series

On the edge of a whisper

As one of the Aurae, breeze nymphs, Ekho can utter compulsive suggestions to anyone, anywhere. Even to the wild and unbroken centaur Lord Petraeus, who stubbornly resists her commands at every turn. Yet if she can’t convince him to help save her people—and his—it will be too late for both of their races.


Darkness and temptation mingle

Despite his better reason, Petraeus has followed the instructions of the sultry, seductive voice in his head. She promises his actions will aid his family, but so far, they’ve inched him closer to being hanged as a traitor. Now, the voice has a new task for him, one that will push him to the brink. But when he stumbles upon the owner of the voice, the bewitching nymph Ekho, their battle of wills—and desires—may force them both to yield what they vowed they never would.


And true love will rise, or perish on the winds

When their enemies seize control of Ekho’s powers, Petraeus will have to employ every persuasion to save the only woman who can command his heart, before she’s lost to him forever.

Untamed Lord of Thessaly
Untamed Lord of Thessaly
Untamed Lord of Thessaly
Untamed Lord of Thessaly