Never Match a Dragon Release!

One matchmaking apprentice on the verge of being fired. One jilted dragon with hoarding issues. And scorching flames of passion that will incinerate everything standing between them, including their hearts.

The next sizzling story in the Chinese Zodiac Romance Series

Never burn a dragon

Tonight should be like any other night on the job for matchmaking apprentice Jade Tan. Except, the woman who’s supposed to meet her mate stands him up instead, and the gorgeously furious dragon Liem Long demands Jade take her place. But what begins as a harmless fill-in date soon erupts into a devastating—and disastrous—passion.

Never let him seduce you, either

Liem Long has crawled out from the underbelly of the world for just one thing: his mate. Unfortunately, she appears to have other plans and jilts him. Furious with the Matchmaker, Liem offers her intern Jade a second chance—find his mate and he won’t tell on her. Yet as it turns out, he’s not the only one searching for his mate—his rival is, too. Forced into an impossible choice, Liem will have to wage war against his very nature and overcome his darkest demons—especially the really sparkly ones.

And never, ever, try to match one

Falling for a dragon who already has a soul mate is bad. Becoming the object of his fiery, hoarding nature is way worse. Forget her job and her heart, caught up in this mess, it’s her life on the line. If Jade can’t convince Liem she’s more than his most prized possession, they’ll both become lost to each other…forever.

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Chinese Zodiac Romance Series Reading Order:

Book 1: Trancing the Tiger Book 2: Rematch (Standalone novella) Book 3: By the Horns Book 4: Match Me Later (Standalone novella) Book 5: Reining Him In Book 6: Matching Dragons (Standalone novella) Book 7: Never Match a Dragon (Standalone novella)

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