He'll go through Hell to love her

Don't miss out on the seductive new full-length novel in Rachael Slate's scorching hot Chinese Zodiac Romance Series.

Fox shifter Queen Daji’s last hope lies in the smart-mouthed, naughty horse shifter sent to guard her. But when an ancient curse takes hold, their second chance at love just might have come too late. What starts off as babysitting duty to Price soon turns into a race to save the people he loves and the woman who rules his heart…

Because if the Queen dies, so does everyone else.

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Series reading order: Book 1: Trancing the Tiger Book 2: Rematch Book 3: By the Horns Book 4: Match Me Later Book 5: Reining Him In Book 6: Matching Dragons

She’s Queen of a dying race

Daji, Queen of the fox spirits, will do anything to save her people. Except mate the disarmingly charming Price Wentworth. But allowing Price to roam untethered has made her already weak race appear even more like prey to their circling enemies. To ensure the protection of the fox spirits, she’ll have to feign a show of strength…with Price at her side.

He’s ruled by no one

For Price Wentworth, Chosen of the Horse, teaming up with the Queen is the Lotus League mission he’s been waiting for. Even so, the free-spirited Horse can’t be convinced to settle down, not even with the bewitching beauty Daji. But that doesn’t mean he’s not determined to get close to the Queen. Very close. She hides more secrets than she reveals, including the one that’s haunted him for years.

Together, they will either rule or fall to ruin

In her centuries-long reign, Daji has made enemies. A lot of them. She’s desperate for Price’s help, but handing over Horse’s reins isn’t something Price is willing to do. Yet as passion smolders between them, the lines of ruler and ruled blur. When the curse from Daji’s past takes hold, Price will have to choose between his freedom and that of the fox spirits. Because if the Queen dies, so does everyone else.

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