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Hi everyone!

Just a little bit about myself, my pen name is C.D. Gorri. I write YA/NA and Adult Paranormal Romance.

I have five ebooks available at this time. Wolf Moon, Hunter Moon, and Rebel Moon are the first three installments in my Grazi Kelly Novel series featuring teen heroine Maria Graziana Kelly. Casting Magic, the Angela Tanner Files (number one), is the first novella in a spin-off series. It is available #free on Kindle Unlimited. Charley’s Christmas Wolf is the first in my Macconwood Pack series and I will be releasing an extended version early twenty sixteen.

I am currently working on the fourth novel in my Grazi Kelly series, Winter Moon, which I hope to release soon.

Here is an unedited excerpt just for you:

“I felt as if lead weights were sitting on top of my eyelids. Trap. It’s a trap. I realized it too late as I tried to move my arms and legs only to find them cuffed and chained. My wrists and ankles were bound by some kind of metal. All I knew was that it felt heavy and strong. There was something cold and hard against my back. I inhaled deeply, hoping my supernatural senses would help me figure out where I was. The last thing I remembered was kissing my brother’s still form goodbye and leaving the Hounds’ compound on foot.

Ursula, the dark Witch from the Scarred Sisters Coven, had given me a deadline. The safety of my family in return for turning myself in before midnight December twelfth. I closed my eyes and racked my brain, but still it took me a moment to recall the significance of the date.

Eleven years of Catholic education had not gone amiss. Nonna would be proud. It was the eve of the feast day of St. Lucy. Santa Lucia. I remembered Ronan told me a story about the Hounds fighting evil on that particular date. It was significant. But why?

Ugh. The smoke was getting to me. I felt foggy and dazed. I shook my head and tried to remember what was so important about today. Then it hit me. The feast of light. Saint Lucy was a martyr and even her name held significance. She was the bearer of light.

Her feast day was celebrated in the middle of the darkest winter months, the solstice. Regardless of the phase of the moon, Werewolves in the Hounds of God changed on such nights. I wanted to kick myself. How could I be so dumb? I allowed myself to be captured by the enemy on the eve of one of the few nights when the veil between worlds thinned. The Witches would certainly make a play for domination now that they had me.

I was a fool. I realized it then. And I remembered how I came to be tied. I had killed. Again. Two of them this time. Had they deserved it? I wasn’t sure it was my place to judge them. Besides the deed was done. I had killed again and there blood was on my hands. I wasn’t sure I would ever get used to that.

I wasn’t sure if remembering why I had ended their lives would comfort me, but I tried anyway. I pushed the fog away and focused on the two dark Witches. I gasped when I recalled what they had done. It was a cruel spell. One I imagined was designed to keep me in some kind of peaceful dream state. I guess they hadn’t counted on me figuring it out.

A growl started low in my dry throat as I tried to shake the fog from my head. The noise seemed to help. I was angry and hurting, but I knew I needed to get out of there. I looked around, but I couldn’t see far. There was too much smoke. Great purple clouds of it, it wafted through the air and wriggled its way down my nostrils and into my lungs. The trees were bare, but particularly dense in the immediate area. I breathed again. A short, shallow breath. But this time I recognized the scent.

Aconitum. The Witches were burning bushels of twigs and dried wood laced heavily with the plant more commonly known as Wolfsbane. It made my nose itch with its bitter scent, but luckily my Wolf remained at the forefront of my mind. I had some kind of supernatural ability to fight the stuff off. Nonna had once tried to keep my Wolf from surfacing with a tea made from the tiny purple flowers of the Aconitum plant. It hadn’t worked. Then again, I wouldn’t really drink it. But ever since Uncle Sean had experimented with various dosages on me and he seemed to think I had some special immunity to it. It could still affect me, but not nearly as much as the average Werewolf.

I heard a noise coming from the darkness and my ears perked up. The uneven gait of Urusla. Anger coursed through me as the dark Witch shuffled on butchered feet as she approached. I closed my eyes and recalled her brutally mutilated face and body. She had revealed her true self to me at our last encounter back at my high school, Sacred Heart Prep. That was when my cousin and her zombie cheerleaders tried to kill me. Was that really only a few days ago?

An eerie glow surrounded Ursula as she approached me. I guess I’m superficial because I was relieved to see the Witch’s 99 prosthetics were back in place. The last thing I wanted was to stare down at her mangled and hollowed out visage. The combination of the magic-roofied smoke and the face numbing cold was already clouding my mind. I found the image of her true face too disturbing to think about. I tried to fight through the fog, but it was strong and I felt way too weak.

“Smart of you to take my offer, dog. Now my master will show you just what we are made of.”

“My family is protected, right? You promised.”

“Promises are for the innocent and the ignorant. You are neither.”

“What do you mean? You said you wouldn’t hurt them!”

“Did you think you were still innocent? Haven’t you killed, little dog?”

Thank you!

Del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri

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