Never Match

a Dragon

Chinese Zodiac Romance Series #7

Never burn a dragon

Tonight should be like any other night on the job for matchmaking apprentice Jade Tan. Except, the woman who’s supposed to meet her mate stands him up instead, and the gorgeously furious dragon Liem Long demands Jade take her place. But what begins as a harmless fill-in date soon erupts into a devastating—and disastrous—passion.



Never let him seduce you, either

Liem Long has crawled out from the underbelly of the world for just one thing: his mate. Unfortunately, she appears to have other plans and jilts him. Furious with the Matchmaker, Liem offers her intern Jade a second chance–find his mate and he won’t tell on her. Yet as it turns out, he’s not the only one searching for his mate—his rival is too. Forced into an impossible choice, Liem will have to wage war against his very nature and overcome his darkest demons—especially the really sparkly ones.



And never, ever, try to match one

Falling for a dragon who already has a soul mate is bad. Becoming the object of his fiery, hoarding nature is way worse. Forget her job and her heart, caught up in this mess, it’s her life on the line. If Jade can’t convince Liem she’s more than his most prized possession, they’ll both become lost to each other…forever.


I stumbled across the transcripts from Liem and Jade's Couples Therapy! Enjoy!


Setting: Couples Therapy. Liem and Jade are posing as a couple about to get married. Jade is disguised as Song—Liem’s pretend fiancée.



Therapist: Thank you for coming today. It’s a pleasure to have you.


Song: Thanks. We’re excited to be here.




Therapist: Okay, why don’t we just dive right in? *flips through notebook* It says here that you’ve only just met. Are you certain you’re ready for the commitment of marriage?


Song: Absolutely.


Liem: She’s mine. So, yes. *wraps arm around Song’s shoulders*


Therapist: Ah, huh. *Scribbles notes: Male exhibits possessive tendencies* How satisfied would you say you are with your level of intimacy?


Liem: *blinks* Seriously? Look at me. Of course she’s very satisfied.


Song: *rolls eyes*


Therapist: Hmm. Song, would you agree that all of your needs are being met?


Song: Sure.


Liem: *twists to scowl at Song* Really? That’s all you have to say?


Song: Well, you know, I do wish you could *twirls fingers in air* last a little longer?


Liem: *voice drips low* Trust me, sweetheart, you couldn’t handle “a little longer.”


Therapist: *clears throat and shifts in seat* Okay, moving on. Liem, what’s your favorite thing about Song?


Liem: Her eyes. They’re very, ah, sparkly. *winks at Song* Like Jade.


Song: *crosses arms* That’s it?


Liem: *shrugs*


Song: Fine. *jerks chin* Ask me what I like about him.


Therapist: What do you like about Liem?

Song: He’s got a really big—


Liem: *slaps a hand over Song’s mouth*


Song: *rips off Liem’s hand* Collection. *smiles smugly* That other thing isn’t so big.


Liem: *Leans back, legs stretched out* Honey, you know it’s fucanglong.


Song: *Scoffs* You wish.


Liem: That’s not what you said last night, when it was shoved so deep down your throat you couldn’t—


Therapist: *Holds up hand* That will be enough. *scrawls fiercely in notebook: Couple displays a lack of maturity. Marriage may be too great of a commitment at this time* *taps pen on notebook* Why don’t we try a different approach? Song, do you feel ready to spend the rest of your existence with Liem? And why?


Song: *glances at Liem, who takes her hand and squeezes it gently* Yes. Because despite the size of his ego, he actually knows his faults, doesn’t try to hide them from me, and I can see him struggling through them. I appreciate his honesty and the way he makes me feel…safe. I’ve never met anyone who makes me feel more like myself. I’m excited for the future and, deep in my gut, ready. There’s no one else I would rather give my everything to.


Therapist: Liem, same question.


Liem: *gazing at Song* Yeah, I do. Despite the way she digs under my scales, I like how she expects more of me. She makes me want to be a better dragon, and maybe a half decent human. *Song laughs and smiles softly* I’ve been so close to going deep, but she’s the first reason I’ve ever had to want to stay on the surface. Every day, I look forward to the challenges she dishes out. It’s never going to be easy, but to see her smile at me and know she’s by my side, yeah, that makes everything worth it. *leans in and gives Song a passionate kiss*


Therapist: *wipes eyes* That will be all for today *Scribbles: Amended. These two just might have a chance at forever love.*


Never Match a Dragon
Never Match a Dragon
Never Match a Dragon
Never Match a Dragon
Never Match a Dragon
Never Match a Dragon
Never Match a Dragon
Never Match a Dragon