Lady of Thessaly

Lords of Thessaly Series #5

Halcyon Romance Series

Neither living nor dead

Lady Iora doesn't exist. Everyone believes she died at birth, but the goddess Persephone swept her away at the moment of her death. Now, she's fighting for a chance at life, by proving to the Fates she's worthy of her destiny. She has one remaining assignment, and it should be easy enough, but the roguish satyr accompanying her brews more trouble than he keeps her out of.

Cast out at birth

A satyr born to a nymph mother, Alder has no place in either world. If not for his devoted friend Petraeus, he'd have no home at all. So when the goddess Persephone tasks him with escorting Petraeus's long-lost sister, Alder readily accepts the challenge. And a challenge she is. The beguiling Lady Iora tempts him to cross boundaries he knows he truly shouldn't.

Caught between worlds

When war with the Lapiths breaks over them, Iora and Alder must decide if they are daring enough to seize the lives they were always meant to. And what they would sacrifice for love--death, or life.

Lost Lady of Thessaly
Lost Lady of Thessaly
Lost Lady of Thessaly
Lost Lady of Thessaly