Knights... Without the Shining Armor

Six centuries ago, the Knights of Virtue governed the peace that flowed through the Kingdom of Powys. Then they were betrayed. The Druid warlord Vortigern murdered the Royal family and defeated the Knights. Each stripped of his greatest Virtue, the Knights scattered.

In present day Seattle, Washington, the Knights have banded together once more. They’ve vowed to take back the missing pieces of their souls, and to protect the humans Vortigern has chosen as his new victims.

For six hundred years, they’ve had to adjust to life without their greatest strengths. To learn to cope with the black holes inside their souls.

And to fight dirty.

Because now, the rules of Virtue no longer apply to these Knights.

A Knight Unloved
Knights of Virtue Series #1
A scorching paranormal romance series coming soon. Stay tuned!