Amidst a devastating plague, twelve Chosen warriors must battle demonic forces--and the desires of their hearts--to restore the balance of yin and yang to the world before humanity is destroyed forever.


If you love dirty-talking alpha heroes, tough heroines who challenge them, exotic cultures, and unique twists on mythology, don’t miss out on this scorching hot series.

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Trancing the Tiger

He's a Tiger. She's a Rabbit. She'll entrance him. He'll devour her.


The sultry thief he hired just might steal more than he planned.

By the Horns

Flames of passion always burn hotter the second time around.

Match Me Later

The darkness inside him has the power to save her race, or to destroy them all.

Reining Him In

Together, they will either rule or fall to ruin.

Matching Dragons

The treasure inside her is one that he--and every other dragon--will do anything to possess.

Never Match a Dragon

Never burn a dragon. Never let him seduce you, either. And never, ever, try to match one.

In Wolf's Clothing

Sometimes, the best place for a Sheep to hide is in her wolf’s clothing